Surrendering to Abba's Love

Surrendering to Abba's Love

This conference could be called "Letting God Love us as God Chooses," thus, it is as important for the prayer minister as it is for the prayer recipient.

Teachings reveal how issues in our lives, such as unforgiveness, fear and control, can greatly limit how we let God love us…usually without our even being aware that this is happening.

During times of teaching and prayer, participants will be able to identify areas in their lives where ‘Cold Love’ is present … where they have not been free to let God love them as God desires.

Once identified, individuals will be able to give those areas to God… surrendering more and more to Abba’s love.

Such surrender invariably brings about a much deeper relationship with God, a closer walk with Jesus, and greater empowerment of the Holy Spirit for service and ministry in our home churches and local communities!