• Advent Prayer Retreat

    Title:  "Drawing Closer to the Heart of God"

    Speaker: Rev. Owen Lovejoy

    Date: December 6-7


  • OSL Mountain Chapter

    "The Healing Miracles of Jesus" study

    Dates & Times

    Saturday, February 22 (9am - 2pm)
    Saturday, February 29 (9am - 2pm)
    Saturday, March 7 (9am - 2pm)
    Saturday, March 14 (Optional) (9am - 2pm)


    Grace Episcopal Church
    871 Merrimon Ave.

    Asheville, NC 28804

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  December 2019  
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Unbound: Freedom in Christ

Unbound Training comes directly from Neal Lozano’s ministry, Heart of the Father Ministries. His book, "Unbound: Freedom in Christ", is described by George Gallup Jr as a breakthrough book that is much needed today. Gallup is correct, for there is so little teaching about deliverance ministry in churches today…and the need is so great! John Sanford writes, ‘Neal Lozano is careful to lay a foundation of love for and life in Jesus Christ as the requisite basis for all deliverances…and for all ministry.’

Conference training will be led by Pastor Ben Akery from Charleston, SC.  Ben is one of the leading presenters of Unbound Training in the Southeast. 
Teachings will focus on the “Five Keys” of deliverance ministry – repent, forgive, renounce in the name of Jesus, take authority in the name of Jesus, and receiving the Father’s blessing. Prayer ministry will provide opportunities to experience the power of God’s love to set us free from spiritual oppression.  As Lozano writes, “Once deep heart issues are dealt with in this non-confrontational style of deliverance, freedom comes. It usually comes quietly.” Thanks be to God!

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